Mobilearn Mobile Application

The rapid development of mobile technology in Malaysia offers a wide prospect of commercialization. The multi-platform dependent open source programming language such as PHP and JQuery allows alteration of current system into mobile application.

UPSI Mobilearn is a mobile application developed on open source based application which supports selective platform and smart phone for UPSI members.

UPSI's Mobilearn is invented by customizing appropriate modules in UIMS into a simple and user friendly mobile application. This application optimizes the feartures of smart gadget which are iconic-based interface and simple text.

Implimented in UPSI since 2004, UPSI is now moving foward with mobile application invention for smart gadget such as Apple Mobile Devices and Android.

The current UIIMS user-friendly interface is optimized for Dekstop Computer. Therefore, smart gadget users will encounter interface restriction while accessing UIMS. UPSI Mobilearn is developed to provide maximum satisfaction and efficiency for users accessing UIMS through smart gadget overcoming the namely issue.

UPSI Mobilearn is a customization of University Intergrates Management System specially mend for smart gadget user. UPSI's Mobilearn is consists of 3 main components that are students, staffs/lecturers and guardians.

News, about UPSI, Location, Telephone Directory, University anthem, FAQ, staff & Alumni Directory are additional modules provided by the UPSI Mobilearn Apps.

UPSI Mobilearn is accessible via smart gadget such as Apple Mobile Devices and Android through the URL htto://

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