MyGuru3 Cloud Tenant

Cloud computing allows thousands of users to access the services without congestion due to incremental scalability and high availability offered. Multi tenancy feature in cloud computing offers users from various organizations to subcribe the services and enjoy the advantage of pay per use policy.

Any institution can use the Learning Management System (MyGuru3) and Student Management System (MySIS) without ane investment in R&D, system development and purchasing of hardware.

UPSI Learning Management System (MyGuru) is a platform with various functions and features designed to support an outstanding teaching anf learning process. It allows lecturers to create the content of teaching resources and upload them to the Internet themselves. Meanwhile they can also monitor their students' activities.

MyGuru is a fully open source system in terms if its' component, operating system, development application and database. As a medium of communication and learning, MyGuru system infrastructure needs to be upgraded to as well as service delivery. New server or hardware purchasing to boost the performance of the system will consume a huge amount of epenses and with a limited scability. We propose cloud computing technology as an ideal solution to handle the issue of reliability, availability and integrity of the service provided.

With the increasing enrollment of distance learning students that is believed to be reaching around 15,000 in future, the current MyGuru infrastructure is insufficient to handle the request from the users. We are proposing cloud computing environment as a solution where MyGuru will be located on a convinient, on-demand network. The network is connected to a shared pool of configurable cimputing resources that can be maintained and monitored with minimal management effort.

As a shared resource, the cloud provides flexible, automated management to distributed the computing resources among the cloud's users. Cloud environment also take advantage of a built-in redundancy of the large numbers of servers that make them up by enabling high levels of availability and reliability for applications that can take advantage of this.

Cloud is a natural home for myGuru to be SAAS service-oriented applications, which need a way to easily scale as a services get incorporated into other applications. Users only pay for the services they use, either by subcription or transaction-based models. By enabling IT resources to be consolidated, multiple users share a common infrastructure, allowing costs to be more effectively managed without sacrificing the security of user's data.

  • Proper use management
  • Reliability and Fault-Tolerance
  • Service-Oriented
  • Pay-per-use
  • Shared-resources among users
  • Lower financial implication
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