SmartCard Photo Uploader

With a high commercial value e-UMPC is able to be directly implemented to other organization to smoothen the registration process. This application is customizable to a bigger scope of usage such as photo uploading conference and seminar events.

E-UMPC is an application developed to allow students to upload their photo via online for their matric card. It has a built-in user-friendly interface with photo editing facility and allows students to view the sample of their actual card. E-UMPC changed the conventional photo capturing method in UPSI and can be applied in any organizations.

E-UMPC is introduced to improved the process of matric card preparation and permits the card distribution upon registration. Through this system, the student's photo can be gathered earlier and card preparation process will start at the same time. Students can skip the photo capturing process flow which will consume a longer period of time thus make the registration easier and efficient.

Students are only required to follow few easy steps in order to upload their photo base on a simple user manual provided. Administrator can verify the uploaded photo according to the stated specification and notify the student whether approved or rejected.

Offered students are allowed to use this application. They can upload and edit their picture via provided image editing facility. The administrator will verify the pictures and update the status through the system accordingly to ensure the picture are accepted and processed for printing cards. Students will also receive a notification from the system via email.

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