MySIS - Student Information System

Student Information System (MySIS) consists of three (3) main modules that are Academic Module for first degree/diploma students, Academic Module for postgraduate students and Student Affairs Module.

The functions of the system are to records and manages the students’ information starting from the admission process until the graduation day. All records then will be archived to the Alumni System. The system facilitates the students’ management and administration process by providing comprehensive information that can be shared among stakeholders.

Online voting, hostel management, students clubs and clinic management and many more are apart of modules provided in Student Affairs Module. MySIS also provides online registration facilities such as course registration, timetable, exam schedule and result as well as practicum application.

• Admission and Profile
• Course Registration
• Attendance
• Study Planner
• Teaching Planner
• Academic Advisor
• Timetable
• Exam Schedule
• Assessment  & Exam Result
• Practicum & Industrial Training
• Credit Exemption
• Credit Transfer
• Senate Election
• Program Structure
• Graduate Management
• Robe Management
• Executive Information
• Program/Minor/Mod Exchange
• Learning Outcome Management
• Soft Skills Management
• Research Development Management (Thesis)

• Hostel Management
• Disciplinary  
• Student Club/Activity
• Counselling
• MPP Election
• Trust Fund
• Clinic Management
• Convocation Management
• Bus Management
• Alumni

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