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The rapid progress in terms of infrastructure and increase the campus population has led to the establishment of centers capable of planning, managing and implementing computerized services to facilitate the management of the program. Officially established on June 11, 2001 and was named Computer Center.

In January 2002, the name was changed to Information and Communication Technology Centre (ICT Centre) is consistent with the overall role.

On 26 November 2010, the ICT Centre has moved to building e-Learning. ICT Center is now located on Level 2, building e-learning, Sultan Idris Education University. ICT Centre also has a second office in UPSI Sultan Abdul Jalil Campus. Starting with about 10 staff, ICT Centre currently has 78 workers, working hard to enhance ICT technology in accordance with the requirements of the university.

UPSI make an electronic university by providing infrastructure and ICT platform in addition to maximizing the bitara share and embrace the use of ICT across the University.

Support and realize the goals of the University to make the ICT Centre as the axis of the IT facilities and services provide an efficient and timely in order to establish the expertise and quality research according to plan the appropriate strategy.


  • Provides a computerized information system to support the administration and management;
  • Providing services and support services to the entire campus of the aspects related to the
  • Management, administration, teaching, learning and research;
  • Manage the campus communications network services in the context of the e-University;
  • Being the center of university information and
  • To inculcate the community outside the campus and community information and communications technology.
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